SLANT UNIFORM AVIATION offers a broad spectrum of aviation related services. Owned and operated by Ant Bilsev, the company has been in business since 2010 and enjoys an excellent track record.

  • Flight Instruction – Private through CFI training (Single Engine, Multi Engine), Tailwheel, Complex, High-Performance, Turbo-Prop checkouts,  Garmin G500/600/1000 training, Spin training, and much more
  • Ferry Flights – Experienced and reliable pilots bring your aircraft safely to it’s new home
  • Aircraft Rental – Enjoy access to a fleet of more than 60 aircraft from C150’s to larger Twins
  • Fleet Management – Professional aircraft management, from scheduled maintenance to upgrade projects
  • Pilot Training Apps – Visit for more info


In the flight training business, it’s really all about the instructor.  It doesn’t take a student pilot long to discover that the quality and professionalism of instructors is a very mixed bag. Finding competent and dedicated instructors is one of the most difficult challenges in achieving your aviation goals.  Our chief instructor Ant Bilsev is an ATP and Gold Seal Flight Instructor, dedicated to professional instruction with more than 2500 hours of flights instruction given and a 90% first-time checkride pass rate. More than 20 students have successfully passed their FAA pilot tests in the last 24 months under Ant Bilsev’s professional guidance and training.


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